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Backup, Recovery And Archiving

Today’s backup environments can’t keep up with data storage growth. Backup and archive solutions must be forward-thinking to prepare for exponential growth. We use new methods and technologies to streamline your backup and improve data center efficiencies.

We start by conducting a Back-up Assessment to understand immediate requirements, identify bottlenecks and discover what future events might affect data strategies. Our team will help you tune, manage and leverage your existing infrastructure while evaluating tape, disk, VTL, de-duplication, archiving and other solutions that fit the specific requirements of your growing data center.

Consider re-thinking your backup strategy if you -

  • Are not meeting backup and recovery windows
  • Want to reduce total backup storage space by leveraging deduplication technologies
  • Struggle with the limited reliability of tape infrastructure
  • Realize the management of your environment seems cumbersome and difficult
  • Face rising costs for tape media and offsite tape handling, storage retrieval
  • Fear security issues with physical tapes being lost



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