end point security

Trueserve's End Point Protection solutions provide powerful, and complete security for all endpoints including the latest mobile devices and virtualised environments. Using the industry leading End Point Protection Suites will protect your data with centralised management from a range of threats. Block malware, defend against cybercriminal activity, and safeguard your mobile workforce with comprehensive endpoint protection ? both on and off the network.

Endpoint security and management is unified with a web-based management console that enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and helps maintain and prove compliance. Using the one streamlined and easy-to-use solution ensures secure, seamless access to business applications and corporate data. End Point Protection also defends lost or stolen devices by blocking non-permitted access to business-critical systems and sensitive data.

Total Protection for Endpoint solutions includes:

  • Real-time anti-malware protection
  • Proactive email and web security
  • Zero-day and vulnerability shielding
  • Desktop firewall
  • Strong network and device control
  • Full-disk encryption
  • Multi-platform support
  • Unrivalled centralized management
  • Award-winning security

Trueserve's End Point Protection offers multi-platform compatible ironclad security that streamlines operations and eases compliance.

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