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local area networking

Trueserve has the experience, the personnel and the technology to care for the day to day operations of your business's Local Area Networking (LAN) needs, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Networks and the Internet are no longer simply a technical resource, they're a vital part of the fabric of every business.  As businesses open their doors to new network-powered e-business initiatives such as online commerce, customer care, supply-chain management, and extranet collaboration, the risks to their networks are increasing. The same open environments that can help an organization improve productivity or extend its market reach can also invite network intruders from inside and outside the company.

At Trueserve, we think about clients' networks every day, all day . . . because business success is all about successful communication. And we know that however you see things, your business depends on its network to communicate.

Trueserve knows that networks should simply work - seamlessly facilitating your changing communication needs. Our approach to Network Integration is focused on creating a secure and manageable infrastructure, across wired and wireless, through our management application and support to deliver reliable and secure performance.

  • We offer afull lifecycle of services, including Professional Services, Project Management, Support Services, Helpdesk, Managed Services and IT Outsourcing Services across a comprehensive range of networking technologies.
  • Core Networking: architecting, designing, integrating and managing secure and resilient enterprise, data centre and service provider networks to connect users and support today's ubiquitous communication needs.
  • Wireless and Mobility: creating secure wireless communications platforms that integrate seamlessly with core network infrastructure to enable and support mobility, regardless of users? locations or computing devices used.
  • Performance Optimisation - improving the end-to-end performance of applications and services across communication networks.
  • Operations Management - delivering network and service management platforms, processes and operational support to drive service efficacy, service level adherence and best practice operations.
  • Trueserve designs, installs and implements Local Area Network solutions to suit its customers? specific needs, including multilayer switching, data centre solutions and campus platforms.

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