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The gaming industry has long used video surveillance as required by governments and authorities to reduce disputes and eliminate theft. Outside the gaming industry, surveillance is being used to reduce costs associated with employing security staff, general public safety, theft, and increasing staff productivity.  With the rising prices and declining availability of analog VCRs, one technology has emerged to enhance surveillance capabilities as well as open the opportunity for video to be used in new ways that increase productivity and business revenue. IP-network-based solutions offer additional benefits in terms of integration with other business systems, greater access to video, and the use of video analytics for safety, customer satisfaction and greater operator productivity.

Trueserve's IP Video Surveillance solutions offer high-quality, low-latency network-centric video surveillance systems that provide new digital network-based systems or a smooth migration from existing analog systems. Our video surveillance solutions can also integrate with your existing physical security infrastructure. The solutions portfolio includes:

  • Video Surveillance IP Camera
  • Hybrid Analog and Network Video Surveillance Systems
  • Network-Centric Video Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control System
  • Analytics development
  • Smart Video Application

To find out more about how IP Video Surveillance can increase your businesses efficiency, reduce labour costs and improve or automate various aspects of security/operations, contact Trueserve's Network Integration team.

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