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Effective communication is essential to the success of any business. By integrating or deploying appropriate email, voice mail, instant messaging, telephony, calendaring and video conferencing products you will give your staff the tools necessary to facilitate great communication across your organization. Whether you are a small or large business Trueserve can help you by creating a unified communications system that meets your needs.

Trueserve can help you -

  • Save on Travel Time and Cost - You can cut down on the amount of travelling required, and thus travel costs, by using video conferencing facilities to hold face to face meetings, and carry out training sessions. Meeting using video conferencing facilities also reduces the amount of time that your staff spends travelling freeing them up to do other work within your organization.
  • Increase your Businesses Productivity - Using instant communications methods, such as Instant Messaging (IM), can result in quicker turn around times for your staff when communicating with customers, suppliers or co-workers. Instant Messaging systems can also be used to indicate the current status of contacts which allows staff to quickly check people's availability before attempting to contact them. Linked calendaring can also be useful in letting you know staff availability and whereabouts. Location based services can let you find your employees' physical location and allow you to perform efficient routing of staff to work sites.
  • Connect Remote Sites and Mobile Staff - Video Conferencing  lets users meet each other face to face virtually expanding the office to include other geographically separate sites. Voice Communication, text messaging, and mobile video conferencing all allow staff that are on the go to easily keep in contact with other team members.
  • Build a System to Suit your Business - We can work with you to create a unified communications system that meets your business needs and budget. Our systems can be designed to incorporate your existing equipment (where possible) or we can design a complete solution for you. When creating a system we ensure your future plans are kept in mind to keep the incremental cost of adding to your unified communications system to a minimum.



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