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IT Assessment & Optimisation Consultancy


In order to maintain a competitive edge and optimize productivity in a fast-paced business climate, your organization relies upon your Infrastructure's ability to effectively deliver services and information. Degradations or outages in IT service can decrease efficiency, network security, and customer confidence.


Does your network support your business objectives?


Network Assessment provides greater visibility into your organization's network so that administrators can make better decisions. Our detailed analysis of network design, usage, and performance is paramount to effectively managing your organization's information technology environment.


Is your infrastructure ready for managed services, cloud computing, or virtualization?


Our expert technicians will review your network and determine whether your infrastructure will support these new technologies. They’ll also discover any bottlenecks preventing your network from running at peak performance. After the analysis, a written report will tell you what steps you can take to improve your network’s performance.


Our team will review your entire networking environment and collaborate with you to develop a custom-tailored network solution that fits your technical requirements, as well as your budgetary constraints.


NETWORK ASSESSMENT SERVICES  include, but are not limited to:

  • Review and documentation of network topology
  • Documentation of all network hardware
  • Analysis of network traffic
  • Analysis of network performance
  • Network optimization, where applicable
  • Comprehensive reporting of all results and recommendations