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The benefits of virtualization are big. It can accommodate impossible demands on bandwidth, increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide a platform for cloud computing. We help customers reap these benefits and avoid pitfalls that could derail success.

Trueserve brings expertise in sizing, designing and implementing all types of virtualization. With deep data center knowledge, we understand the how virtual and physical machines work together and can help customers avoid overspending and integration issues.

Our team collaborates with customers to determine what type of virtualization will serve the organization the best - file, server or storage virtualization. We work to understand plans for further virtualization and cloud computing which influences the platform for standardization.

Properly implemented, virtualization will:

  • Integrate seamlessly and in compliance with architecture and security requirements
  • Pool common resources, and optimize infrastructure
  • Improve operational flexibility and responsiveness
  • Increase application availability and improved business continuity
  • Improve server and desktop management and security
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