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IT Infrastructure Design

IT infrastructure design involves the analysis, design, and configuration of both hardware and software to satisfy your specified requirements. TRUESERVE will work with you to design the most efficient and cost-effective solution, whether your business is a single site dealership or a large multi-site group. By working with you to collect and analyse system information from your existing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure, TRUESERVE can provide you with tailored configuration advice for where improvements or upgrades are necessary.


For improved system performance, TRUESERVE will go through your IT infrastructure to define a system utilisation profile, identify any performance bottlenecks or system weaknesses, and suggest the best course of action to optimise your system's overall performance.


IT transformation has become a necessity to stay ahead and remain successful in today’s market. A forward-looking company responds to the changing market dynamics by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new capabilities.


Through our Infrastructure planning and design services, TRUESERVE helps organizations re-evaluate and reconstruct their IT environment to align with business goals. A robust, flexible infrastructure is key to optimizing your IT investments and incorporating new capabilities into your existing organization.


Infrastructure strategy and planning services evaluate and prioritize IT optimization options and define a road map of activities that can reduce costs and improve utilization using time-tested methods and best-practice analysis.


Architecture and design services for IT infrastructures bridge the gap between strategic intent and your deployed infrastructure using a structured methodology to develop the architecture and design.