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From cloud to collaboration to mobility - new technologies are transforming the expectations we have of our IT. But, the benefits of these cannot be realized without strategic new data center investments. 

Trueserve helps clients design, right-size and integrate data center solutions that energize cloud services, secure mobility, multifaceted collaboration and all types of virtualization.

In order to avoid over-spending, we take an interactive approach with customers by evaluating current investments, stakeholder needs and business objectives. We then apply multi-disciplinary expertise to pinpoint the right technologies that will ensure that solutions efforts support the whole enterprise – from the data center to the network to the desktop and mobile users.

Trueserve Datacenter Solution

  • Backup/Recovery/Archive - Strategically place new backup and archive methods combined with data deduplication to streamline back-up processes and improve efficiencies
  • Big Data - Keep up with the capture, management and processing of large amounts of data and turn it into actionable, strategic information
  • Cloud Computing - Evolve your infrastructure by taking a manageable step-by-step approach to establishing shared services
  • Consolidation and Migration - Improve efficiency with a successful data center migration that avoids downtime and pitfalls
  • Data Storage Design and Application Integration - Optimize availability and service levels by leveraging current assets and making strategic new investments
  • High Performance Compute - Develop, implement, scale and support your HPC infrastructure
  • Virtualization - Reduce costs and increase flexibility by implementing file, network, server, desktop, I/O and storage virtualization

Questions to Think About When Considering Data Center Investments

  • What are the requirements that directly impact mission success?
  • Can the current infrastructure support desired virtualization or cloud computing initiatives?
  • What infrastructure functions (server, desktop, applications, storage, backup) are good candidates for virtualization?
  • Where are current bottlenecks, and where might there be future availability issues?
  • How can we quantify ROI to justify the expenditure?
  • Are SLAs being met?

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