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Conferencing & Collaboration is a process that brings people and information together to accomplish a common goal. What's new in today's connected world is that people no longer have to be in the same location, time zone, or culture to collaborate. Trueserve specializes in helping your organization implement a Collaboration solution that is best suited to your business, customers and staff needs.

Trueserve's Conferencing & Collaboration Solutions allows your business to schedule one-time, recurring, or reservation-less conferences, blending audio, text messaging, document-sharing, and web collaboration, as needed, during each call. With integrated recording capabilities, you can record both audio and presentations from a conference for archiving or for sharing at a later time.

Trueserve's Conferencing & Collaboration solutions offer:

  • The elimination of costly conference services by hosting audio and web conferencing in-house.
  • Expanded your business?s reach and reducing travel costs by letting you communicate, share documents or presentations, or work interactively on the same desktop application with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Increased security by hosting converged conferencing in-house, ensuring shared documents remain safely inside your network.
  • Reduced business costs through integrating previously disparate and separately purchased tools into a single cost-effective solution.

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